5 Popular Cities to Visit During Winter Vacation

If you are one of those who say ' Winter holidays are important to me', do not make your holiday plans without visiting these countries that fascinate you with their fascinating atmospheres . These cities, which present their difference with their landscapes that make you forget the winter cold, natural life and friendly people, can make the winter months more attractive for you.

5 Wonderful Cities to Visit for Winter Vacation

1. Alaska, America

Alaska , which is the largest state in the USA and the least densely populated, adorns the dreams of many travelers with its natural wonders. A very difficult life in the winter months, Alaska, although it is buried under the snow 8 months of the year, attracts adventurous souls with its unique landscapes and wildlife.

2. Oslo, Norway

Oslo , the capital of Norway and also the largest city , manages to make a name for itself with its rich cultural texture, museums and advanced living standards, as well as the Northern Lights, which are famous for its beauty.

3. Prague, Czechia

Shown as one of the most impressive and romantic cities in the world with its fascinating architecture , Prague is also the capital of Czechia. Prague, one of the European cities that was not damaged during the Second World War, has also managed to enter the UNESCO World Heritage List with the historical texture of the city center.

4.Sapporo, Japonya

Sapporo Winter Festival is one of the most colorful events of the city , attracting two million visitors every year to  Sapporo , the most important city of Hokkaido Island  The city, which is also known for its regular streets as if drawn by a ruler, became a very famous place in the field of winter sports after hosting the Winter Olympics in 1972.

5. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town , one of the three capitals of the Republic of South Africa , ranks first in the list of the most beautiful cities in the world with its magnificent nature and touristic spots. Since it is located in the Southern Hemisphere, do not return from the city, which is a favorite of those who want to spend the winter months in a warm climate, without seeing the breathtaking view of Table Mountain and African penguins.

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