iPhone 15 Pro may get a titanium case, thinner bezels and high cost

There was news about the possible characteristics and cost of the iPhone 15 Pro: the device can get a titanium case, thinner screen bezels, an improved camera and much more

Apple hasn't announced the iPhone 15 Pro yet, but there are already rumors and leaks about what the company's new smartphone will be like. According to some sources, the iPhone 15 Pro could be the first iPhone to feature a titanium frame, which is stronger and lighter than aluminum or steel. The news was reported by The Verge on July 30, 2023.

In addition to the case, the iPhone 15 Pro will receive an improved camera with optical zoom. On the other hand, all these innovations may well contribute to an increase in the cost of the device. Analysts predict that the iPhone 15 Pro will fetch a price tag of $1,200 to $1,400 depending on storage capacity, $100 to $200 more than the iPhone 14 Pro, which cost between $1,000 and $1,200. The reason for this may be not only the use of titanium, but also the shortage of microchips in the world market.

The changes to the iPhone 15 Pro are seen as some of the most significant smartphone upgrades in recent years. The titanium frame will be stronger and more durable than the aluminum frame used in current iPhone models. It will also be less prone to scratches and chips. Thinner bezels will free up more space on the display, making it more attractive and easier to use. The price increase is likely to be due to the use of more expensive materials and technologies.

The iPhone 15 Pro may also get new features that will improve its performance and convenience. For example, the iPhone 15 Pro may support Face ID under the screen. Also, the iPhone 15 Pro may have a more powerful A16 processor, which will be faster and more efficient than previous models. Finally, the iPhone 15 Pro may have a larger battery that will provide longer battery life.

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