Marvel's 'Guardians of the Galaxy 3' starts streaming on Disney Plus on August 2nd

Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3, which mobilized the most audience in the series with the best action and touching story as well as teamwork of Team 'Guardians', will be released on Disney+ on August 2nd (Wednesday). 

'Peter Quill', who was grieving the loss of 'Gamora', once again joins forces with the Guardians team to protect the galaxy and his colleagues in crisis, and if they do not succeed, their last A story about going on a mission that might be. This film, which contains the final mission of Team 'Guardians', which captivated the world as an unrivaled intergalactic hero in 2014, is a thrilling action surrounding the past of a precious colleague 'Rocket', pleasant team play, and a touching story. It completed an indescribable splendid finale. 

Here, the soundtrack, which director James Gunn said was selected with great care, boasted a perfect match with the scenes in the movie and improved its perfection. 
The trailer video, which was released along with the Disney+ streaming news, draws more attention with a copy of “An opportunity to meet the Guardians once again” and the image of Team ‘Guardians’ departing for the last mission. 

With this, you can stream all of the 'Ga.O.Gal' trilogy, from Disney+. Team ' From the birth of 'Guardians' to the touching finish, there is an opportunity to go straight through their perfect narrative at once, drawing keen attention from fans. 

Guardians of the Galaxy 3', which was released last May, drew 4.2 million viewers and attracted great popularity. 

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