Secret Invasion: the explanation of the ending


Episode 6 of Secret Invasion has been available on Disney+ for a few hours and ended leaving many unanswered questions. Let's try to explain what happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series finale .

But be warned, spoilers follow! Continue reading at your own risk.

For starters, James Rhodes is back after being replaced by a Skrull. Gi'ah is now inarguably one of the MCU's strongest characters . Nick Fury accidentally helped precipitate a war between Skrulls and humans . The Marvels now has a setup for some of the conflicts we'll see in the film and another reason for Carol Danvers to show up to help Fury . Read on below to know the report of the sixth episode.

The summary of the last episode of Secret Invasion

Samuel L. Jackson 's super spy immediately springs into action as the latest episode of Secret Invasion kicks off . Nick Fury said he would end things with Gravik and marched right on to the New Skrullos. Just before breaking down the door, he calls his wife Priscilla to let her know he might not make it out alive. As Fury traverses the nuclear complex, viewers are reminded that he cannot survive the radiation inside. The former director of SHIELD coughs and struggles to speak the entire time.

But it's not about Fury. It is Gi'ah who was impersonating the spy. She and the Gavik have also gained the powers of every MCU hero they fought in Avengers: Endgame …and beyond. Naturally the young Skrull deals the decisive blow to Gravik. Fury saves the President from the clutches of the Skrull Rhodey and kills the imposter. However, President Ritson decides to introduce a law making all aliens enemies of Earth. So, all of this is a step back from what was budgeted. Fury heads off to space on a date with Captain Marvel.

Gi'ah now has the powers of Captain Marvel… and much more

One of the characters at the heart of Secret Invasion is Gi'ah. She managed to gain full powers from the Harvest. Daughter of Talos is now downright formidable, if not more, than the Super Skrull from the comics . Emilia Clarke's character also teamed up with Sonia Falsworth (Olivia Colman) to oppose the war between the Skrulls and humans.

The question of what will be Gi'ah's next appearance is unavoidable. One of many crossover-style movies seems like a good bet. And before anyone asks, this isn't about Avengers: The Kang Dynasty or Secret Wars . So, the wait has officially begun.

Rhodey returned, but was replaced for a long time

Secret Invasion has revealed the fact that James Rhodes has been a Skrull for some time. It seems that many fans had suspicions. But this week has brought some solid evidence as to how long the real War Machine has been on ice. When he is pulled out of the pod, Rhodey doesn't get a chance to answer Agent Ross when asked how long he's been in there. But one hint will likely surprise many longtime fans of the MCU.

If you pay close attention to Rhodey when the military helps him out of the bunker, you notice that he can't walk on his own strength. That means the hero may have been out of action the entire time of Captain America: Civil War . The line Don Cheadle uttered on a secret briefing about 15 years ago coincides with his assumption of the role in Iron Man II So apparently, he hasn't been a Skrull all along. But he's been a double agent for much longer than initially assumed. Armor Wars is shaping up to be fascinating, as Rodey has lost literally years of his life and the death of his best friend.

In The Marvels we will see the peace negotiation between the Kree and the Skrulls

Varra and Nick Fury seem to have rekindled their romance. She will try to help diplomacy between the Kree and the Skrulls. Still, it doesn't seem like the other side is willing to bury the hatchet, seeing as The Marvels ' villain is a Kree revolutionary As if that weren't enough, there is clearly a war on two fronts, with the humans declaring open war on the Skrulls. This all points to a larger comparison in Captain America: Brave New World or Thunderbolts .

Since the MCU's longest-running McGuffin (an object or event used in a work of fiction as a plot device) sits in mid-ocean, fan speculation about its true purpose seems to run rampant. Multiple entities will try to get their hands on Tiamut when the opportunity arises. Certainly, Sonia Falsworth 's contingent will be there on their side. Her closest connection to the American cause is again in space, and she has an ace up her sleeve with Gi'ah on her side. Expect to see one or both when Sam Wilson flashes his wings or Marvel's team of villains are sent to clean up.

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